Looking after your health & wellbeing before the point of crisis

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It's a fight to survive through crisis, rebuild when exhausted and thrive through competition.

Building resilience prepares you mentally and emotionally to keep going at every stage. Whether you are battling mental health issues, personal or professional insecurities or simply struggling to get through the week the techniques I teach in my talks, workshops, coaching, are in these articles will unlock your inner strength and help build a confidence mindset to stand strong.

I'm a Chartered Psychologist, consultant, development coach and author (The Leader's Guide to Mindfulness; Be A Great Manager Now).  As a regular feature article writer, expert voice, and the resident psychologist on the Chrissy B Show (Sky191), I am passionate about healthy practices, mental wellbeing and giving tips and suggestions to help you flourish. It's never too late to get into effective habits to build your resilience, and keep going within a challenging world.

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