So, is it worth it? (2 minute coach!)

Do you ever find yourself asking that? Is it worth it? You put all the effort in, and are just not quite sure of your impact sometimes.

This is a very simple 2 minute article to remind you of the following: When you look around do you see kindness, generosity and loyalty - or whatever values you believe worthy - in those around you?

If you's worth it. That is as much a reflection of you and your actions as it is on those performing them.

Those that are comfortable in themselves, who radiate positivity, who give generously yet know their limits are also those who choose their friends wisely. Make sure their faith and trust in you is well placed and live up to the value they imbue you with.

If , on the other hand, you are constantly questioning - why do I bother? Or, you notice that you go to great efforts that are often not returned; or maybe you feel like people seem to see you only when it suits them...then maybe it's time to edit your life.

Most importantly, try not to tarnish the positive relationships you are building with resentment from the ones you are trying to leave behind. If nothing else, the energy it takes to stew prevents you from developing yourself! I have had my own coach say to me (as I have said to my clients) "You have now spent 45 minutes of YOUR time talking about you really want to spend more of my time for you on this person?"

Ask yourself two simple questions when you want to know if someone is "worth it":

- Have they behaved like that before?

- What sort of person does that?

...and in answering both you'll know...then the choice of worth is up to you.

Audrey is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol), and the author of "The Leader's Guide to Mindfulness" (Pearson & FT series) and "Be A Great Manager - Now" (Pub Pearson, 2016, Book of the Month in WH Smith Travel Stores). She is a CPD Accredited speaker, trainer, and qualified FIRO-B and NLP Practitioner. She is the founding Development Coach and Training Consultant with her training consultancy CLICK Training, and the resident psychologist on The Chrissy B Show (Sky191), the UK's only TV programme dedicated to mental health and wellbeing. She often presents at National and International conferences in the fields of leadership and team cohesion, and is part of the Amity University conference panel. She currently lectures in Personal Development and Mindfulness and offers psychological consultancy in these areas to organisations.

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