Why just "be" when you can be MORE?

To be "more" is an area which I have discussed in Psychology Matters on the Chrissy B Show, Sky 191, and will be including as a tip in The Leader's Guide to Resilience (due 2020, pub Pearson)

"I'm so happy with what I got, I want more" (Madonna, Dick Tracy)

I love vision boards, goal setting and utilise a number of different things to keep me focused. Indeed, because I also believe that "luck" is when "preparedness meets opportunity" directing my mindset has helped me seize chances when they have arisen, the majority of which have paid off (the others I've learned from!)

However, through my own coaching and reflection, one thing that fell into place for me recently was why am I trying to "become", when at this point on my journey, I am on the right path, and I simply would like to do more of it!

Look how far you've come

Coaching question: What would your younger self say in this situation...what would you say now? How have you changed?

When I reflect on where I was this time in mindset as much as in my everyday living, I wanted everything I now have. I wanted to broaden my influence, I wanted to present, I wanted to know I had the people around me who were good for me.

This year, as well as lecturing (which pays the bills), I am doing more coaching, more presenting, more writing (glossies and newspapers), more TV and radio appearances, and I have reconnected with wonderful primary school friends (who remembered me after 34 years!) as well as seen so much more of the people I love. I'm writing my 3rd book for Pearson, and I have just moved into my dream home. Yes there are things that I would still like to achieve, but as for personal development - I'm being - I'd like to do more.

Be Better rather than "good"

By recognising, and appreciating, what I have right now (not necessarily even alwyas thinking about what I had before), I realise that I am doing what I set out to do...it takes time, so my aim is to do more of it. In order to do that I need to keep learning, keep seeking opportunities, keep broadening my mind...again it is something I do already, so rather than focusing on being "good at it"...I want to be better at it.

When you can see that you are, it is even easier to grow.

Try it this week - instead of a finite goal, look at where you are on your path and do more of the things that will support your goal, and strive to be better at those elements that are serving you well.

Affirmation: I am grateful for what I have, I am working to be better at and am open to more of what I love.

Audrey is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol), and the author of "The Leader's Guide to Mindfulness" (Pearson & FT series) and "Be A Great Manager - Now" (Pub Pearson, 2016, Book of the Month in WH Smith Travel Stores). She is a CPD Accredited speaker, trainer, and qualified FIRO-B and NLP Practitioner. She is the founding Development Coach and Training Consultant with her training consultancy CLICK Training, and the resident psychologist on The Chrissy B Show (Sky191), the UK's only TV programme dedicated to mental health and wellbeing. She often presents at National and International conferences in the fields of leadership and team cohesion, and is part of the Amity University conference panel. She currently lectures in Personal Development and Mindfulness and offers psychological consultancy in these areas to organisations.

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